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Secondary LMS PD Oct 2015

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 Welcome Slide 


A. Diversity & Collection Development 

  1. NEW Diversity Resources have been added to our Collection Development & Maintenance resource page on this wiki.
    • Use a Diversity/Equity lens when selecting library materials. Think about literature as "windows" & "wallpaper."
    • Controversial books not included in collection could be recommended to student/parent/school counselor for bibliotherapy. 
  2. If a book in your collection is CHALLENGED:
    • Provide the BCPS Citizen's Review of Instructional Materials form (recently revised; discard old paper copies)
    • Do not engage in a debate or defense. argument. Provide the form and notify your principal and Fran.
  3. Collection Development Reminders: 
    • Use resources on the Collection Development & Maintenance page including:  Selection Criteria & Tools, Ordering Procedures, Review Sources, Weeding Guidelines, and more.
    • You will be notified soon with instructions for uploading your collection to Titlewave and updating your profile for CD2016 funding analysis.  Please place your Voucher order ASAP so that those books are included in the analysis. 
    • MERCHANDISING matters!    


B. Teacher/Instructional Partner Roles & New LMS Evaluation

  1. Reflect on and visualize your time spent this year engaged in the Five Roles of the LMS by creating a circle graph.
  2. Review new Library Media Specialist Evaluation Rubric based on Danielson Framework domains.
    • Highlight cells for each Domain component where you are being evaluated in the Teacher and Instructional Partner roles.
    • New LMS Evaluation forms are available to you and your administrators on the Office of Staff Relations Forms/Evaluations page. 
    • In addition to formal teaching observations, administrators (and ODL staff) have access to Library Trac data showing your time spent engaged in instruction and collaborative planning. Suggest you include that data among artifacts in your professional portfolio. 
    • Consider this quote from Fran's MASL session "Leading Change: School Libraries and 1:1 Programs," as Tweeted by an attendee:
  3. Use Lesson Planning Resources page to help you design meaningful instruction aligned to standards.  
    • Use the Secondary Library Lesson Template to help you focus on what skill(s) students are really learning, how skill(s) support their content learning, and why it matters ("so what" factor).
      • If your administration requires that you use a different Lesson Plan template for observations:  Be sure to include aligned AASL/CCSS/P21 standards/indicators. Consider using resources linked on the Secondary Library Lesson Template for crafting the Learning Target (Lesson Objective); include also the Content Area/Curriculum Connection and Instructional Partner/Teacher's name.
    • We need to go above and beyond "showing" resources and "demo" of digital tools by facilitating student learning and application of 21st century skills to achieve curricular content objectives. We will explore P21 Learning & Innovation Skills as one way to move above and beyond.

C.  Lesson Analysis through the Lens of P21 Learning & Innovation Skills: The 4 Cs

  1. Use Critical Thinking to analyze your lesson plan for evidence of the 4Cs, and generate additional ways to infuse these skills in your lesson.
  2. Communicate with a partner/group of 3 to share ideas and insights from your lesson analysis. 
  3. Collaborate to Create a list of innovative ideas for infusing the 4Cs into other aspects of secondary library media programs. 

What are the P21 skills


Framework for 21st Century Learning outlines the knowledge, skills and expertise students should master to succeed in work and life in the 21st century; see graphic at right and Definitions.

21st Century Student Outcomes:

  • Key Subjects & 21st Century Interdisciplinary Themes

  • Learning and Innovation Skills: The 4Cs
    • Creativity & Innovation

    • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

    • Communication

    • Collaboration 

  • Information, Media, and Technology Skills
  • Life & Career Skills 

Support Systems:

  • Standards and Assessments
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Professional Development
  • Learning Environments 


P21 skills are integral to our BCPS Teaching & Learning Framework.  There is currently a district-wide focus on taking teaching and learning "above & beyond" with the 4 Cs:


D. LibraryTrac Debrief & Reporting

  • Use the Date Range at the top right corner of the Dashboard to generate graphs. 
  • Share LibraryTrac data and information/photos about student learning & instructional partnerships in your Library by regularly publishing an e-Newsletter.
  • Latest software update from Scott:  Applied a fix to return users to same spot on the Calendar after adding an event. 
  • Continue to use the Library Trac User group in Edmodo and the  LibraryTrac Suggestion Box to share insights and issues.


E.  Independent Research Course


  1. Save the Date/Publicize:  4th Annual Student Research Symposium - Thursday, May 19th 6-8 PM @ Perry Hall HS Library
  2. Outreach to Administrators:
    • Share Course Implementation information (folder, PPT); HS Counseling Chairs saw this PPT and received folders last year.
    • Get administrator/counseling office approval to offer the course next year.  LMS is typically teacher of record.
    • Provide students with access to marketing brochure and  application materials. Ask teachers to recommend students. Publicize!


F.  Updates & Announcements

  1. Destiny Updates:  Alex Wolf, ODL Facilitator - awolf@bcps.org *Contact Alex about any Destiny/TV Studio issues!
    • GVRL eBooks on Follett Shelf
    • Student Self-Circulation stations:  Do not use your own Destiny login. Email Alex to request an Self-Circ account if you don't already have one.  
      Self-Circulation Username: = circ#### (4-digit school number) Password = circ  *Provides CHECK OUT & RENEW access ONLY. 
    • Removing Fines of Former Patrons (NEW directions)
    •  Follett Remote & BCPS One Cards/Patron Barcodes:  Re-run your Homeroom Barcode lists for use with Follett Shelf
    • Follett Shelf and eBooks Support page (for LMS), including Directions for creating eBook Reports and new directions for Apps.
  2. MASL: Attendees share take-aways. Find resources attached to most sessions on their website. Recognize BCPS presenters:  
    Fran Glick & Marisa Conner (BCPL Youth Services); Sandy Bixby & Kelly Ray; Joquetta Johnson; Lauren Magnuson. 
  3. BCPS/SAIL Updates:
    • SAVE THE DATE for half day joint PD at BCPL branches January 19th @ 9-11 AM
      Ideas for planning Fall/Spring school events at local branch, other collaborations. 

    • BCPL/SAIL Resource Page  Continue to publicize SAIL Cards and offer registration forms to students who did not get one previously.  Use the SAIL Card graphic and link to forms on your VLC/School Library Wiki; post a flyer with a stack of paper forms. Students must take own forms to the local branch.
  4. The ODL Resource Wiki provides information on a variety of topics such as Device Care and Use, Digital Content, Copyright & Fair Use, Digital Citizenship- to name a few. Please bookmark this page and use it to assist you with instruction and supporting colleagues in your building. 
  5. Establish a collaborative partnership with your STAT Teacher to promote teacher use of digital content, eBooks & digital tools, focusing on connections to content curricula and features/tools that support 21st century teaching and learning.  STAT Teachers have discussed working with other building leaders including LMS at a recent PD.
  6. SHARE your ideas for collection development, book recommendations, and other topics of interest with colleagues on your Edmodo PLCs!