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Secondary LMS PD Feb 2016


 Welcome Slide

 Who is the 21st-Century School Librarian?


     "The world of school libraries has changed substantially from when most school librarians were students. Automation, greater understanding of the art and science of learning, emphasis on the collaborative process, the print-to-digital shift, changing educational needs, and multimedia products have all contributed to a change in what school librarians need to be ... school librarians are emerging as school leaders and change agents who are deeply integrated in and committed to rigorous, deep student learning. School librarians recognize the importance of being instructionally savvy educational partners who collaborate with staff members to co-plan, co-teach, and co-evaluate student work." (AASL)







Evidence-Based Practice




  • Evidence can be used to support advocacy efforts by showcasing Library program, LMS practice, and its impact for students:
    • See examples of Library eNewsletters: Holabird MS  Southwest Academy  Dumbarton MS   *Created using free tool Smore. 

    • Tweet these with #BCPSLMS and post them on your VLC/Library wiki as well as sharing with staff via email.

  • Evidence must FIRST be used to guide practice and program improvement. 











For example, we can use the EBP Framework to reflect on and guide practice for Collaboration and Instruction:


  • Evidence FOR Practice shows that LMS collaboration with teachers and integrated LMS instruction for information literacy & 21st century skills are best practices which have a significant positive impact on student learning and achievement.
  • Evidence IN Practice (district LibraryTrac data) shows various levels of engagement in collaboration & instruction across middle/high schools. Data suggests that some LMSs are teaching frequently, others occasionally, infrequently, or almost never. 
  • Evidence OF Practice and positive impacts for students will obviously be lacking if LMS is not actively collaborating/teaching.  
    • BCPS LMS Evaluation includes this competency in Domain 1 - Planning & Preparation:

Today you will work in small groups  of your peers in order to help each other:
  1. Analyze and reflect on Evidence In Practice data to develop strategies for addressing obstacles to engaging in best practices.
  2. Use typical scenarios to plan for effective collaboration and meaningful, learner-centered instruction.

Activity 1: Using Evidence In Practice to Strategize for Collaboration & Instruction


Use this CHART (paper or electronic) to make your own notes. 


  1. Column 1 (on your own):  Use your LibraryTrac Calendar and/or Class Log Report to gather data and reflect on Instruction w/LMS during first 6 weeks of 2nd quarter (Nov 2 - Dec 11, 2015). *You are not required to share this data with your group.

    • Some tips for using LibraryTrac to examine Evidence In Practice for collaboration & instruction:

      • Data is more meaningful if a Description is included for Instruction w/LMS classes. Consider including: grade level/content area; learning task/research topic; ORM/SD title; lesson objective(s), etc.

      • You can also Attach Files to the event: Lesson Plan, lesson docs 

      • Known issue with Class Log Reporting by Reason:  When a single class is scheduled for multiple Category/Locations during same date/period (e.g. Library AND Library Lab), number of classes/students is inflated in Reports. Kelly will consult with Scott Allen to find a solution to rectify this.

  2. Column 2 (as a group):  Identify challenges/obstacles which are impacting your engagement in collaboration & instruction.
  3. Column 3 (as a group):  Develop strategies to address challenges/obstacles and promote collaboration & instruction. 
  4. Share one challenge/obstacle and one or two strategies for addressing it with the rest of your learning community. 

Activity 2: Planning for Effective Collaboration & Meaningful Learner-Centered Instruction


  1. Group Scenarios: Each group will consider a "generic" scenario as an opportunity to engage in collaboration and instruction.
    Think creatively to generate ideas for how you might proceed. Record ideas on 2 sheets of chart paper labeled Collaboration and Instructional Plan:
  2. Gallery Walk:  Peruse other groups' scenarios and ideas for engaging in collaboration and instruction.
    • Contributions:  Use a marker to add any new ideas you have for the scenario. 
    • Take-Aways: On blank paper (or the back of your Learner-Centered Environments: Professional Learning Tool handout), make a T-chart labeled Collaboration | Instruction; make a note of any ideas you hadn't considered and would like to try.
    • Leave on the Parking Lot: Any lingering questions about engaging in collaboration & instruction, on a Sticky Note.



  1. ConnectEd Challenge: Fran and BCPL Director Paula Miller shared our SAIL partnership at the White House on Jan 19.
  2. Reflections and take-aways from Jan 19th SAIL Collaborative PD sessions. 
  3. BC Reads! County-wide Read: See announcement and books in Jan 2016 BCPL Highlights newsletter.
    • We have been asked to promote. this. Branch and school author visits are planned. More details to come, stay tuned!



  1. New access point for Digital Content (via BCPS One

    • New location for other Library Media resources:  http://www.bcps.org/digitallearning/librarymedia 

      • Including Database Remote Logins, ORMs/Slam Dunks, Research Guides, Gr 6 Reading Research portal, Independent Research Course website, etc.

  2. High School Independent Research Course: 

    • HS LMS please continue efforts to offer this course to potential student candidates.

    • Share Course Implementation information (folder, PPT). HS Counseling Chairs saw the PPT and received folders last year. All HS Counselors received this IRC one-pager at Jan 19, 2016 Counselor's PD.   

  3. CD2016 Reminders

    • The deadline for notifying the office that your order is ready for audit is Friday, February 5, 2015. 
    • The deadline for orders to be submitted for purchase is Friday, February 12, 2016.

       4.  Gaining Access to Course Maps in BCPSOne



How would you approach the teacher?