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EBP Showcase - Tricia Engel-Bunch


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How did you approach the work? How did an evidence-based perspective affect your practice? How will you engage in EBP going forward?



Action Plan  Bunch-action-plan.docx







  • Evidence FOR practice, or the research that supports best practice.  

  • Evidence IN practice, or the expertise of librarians as they define and refine their practice. 

  • Evidence OF practice, or the evidence generated by practice showing its impact on students' learning outcomes.


Mid- year reading inventory 

Collaborated with 6th  Reading.

  • I can create a favorite list in Destiny!
  • I can search databases and the internet sources to find information.



universal search bookbag.docx





Russian Genre of Music Slam Dunk-collaborated with music and STAT teacher  russianmusicgenre.pptx   organizer  Rubric 

St. Paddy's Day Lesson- Collaborated with Reading (Ms. Connell).   

I can 

  • Identify main ideas from text and video sources
  • Evaluate a statement to be fact or fiction
  • Identify 2-3 facts learned about Irish culture 



St Patrick's student activity.docx

St Patrick's qr codes.docx Directions I CAN.docx  


Posting Online- Collaborated with Reading

I can

  •  identify main ideas from text.
  • summarize an article.
  • evaluate how social media plays a role in situations.
  • list questions to consider before posting online. 






Posting Online.docx

internet safety articles.pdf  












Complete each of the following EBP stages:


Who is responsible


Resources required



1. Aspect of school library program you wish to measure for impact:

Teachers and school library media specialists plan and deliver instruction collaboratively 


LMS Teacher




LMS, teacher, STAT

Content Curriculum









2. Research literature documenting evidence/impact of this aspect of school library program:

* Students achieve more academically when their teachers and school library media specialists plan and deliver instruction collaboratively. (ALA) 














3. Type(s) of evidence required to demonstrate impact of this aspect of school library program:



LMS & Teacher

Student evidence:

Graphic Organizers/Products


Bookbag in Destiny


Program evidence:

Library Trac

Slam Dunks

St. Patrick’s Day lesson