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TV Studio for Instruction

Using the TV Studio for Instruction

Session Description & Outcome: Tired of your TV Studio space only being used a few minutes a day to promote today’s lunch?  Expand beyond the tator tots!  Bring the work of video production into the curriculum, and promote your students’ P21 skills at the same time!  Come see how you can create authentic experiences with the space you already have, and get much more bang for your buck!

Audience: All Levels

Facilitator(s): Aimee Farrell, Sparrows Point MS



  1. Please open this Kahoot 
  2. Ways to include the TV studio in instruction.
  3. But I don't have any fancy equipment! Here are social studies videos from before the studio and after the studio. 
  4.   How will you use the TV studio this year?




 Charts from session











  • Please make a note of any questions or comments you have about this session. You will have an opportunity to share these on an Exit Ticket at the end of the day.