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BCPS One Lesson Tiles

BCPS One Lesson Tiles


Learning Target: Participants will learn how to use the lesson tiles to provide students access to customized content from course maps, files, links, and the repository.

I Can Statement: I can assign customized digital content to my students through the lesson tiles.



Understanding the Lessons Interface

  • Add Lesson Plan
  • Add Activities

    • Selecting which students will see the content.  

    • Student Groups 

    • Overview of the activity types

  • Add Activities → My Courses

    • Adding resources and materials from the course map to a tile.

  • Add Activities → Add Instructions

  • Add Activities → My Links (Direct Linking)

  • Add Activities → My Files
  • Add Activities → My Publishers

  • Add Activities Search

  • Editing content on the Lessons tiles
    • See student views, edit assigned students

    • Copy, Drop, Edit features



Understanding the Repository Interface (No BrainPop or Discovery Education--Use direct linking structure instead) 

  • Narrow the search 
  • View and bookmark content

  • Assign content to students on Lessons tiles directly from the Repository