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Transforming School Library Spaces

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Future Ready Librarians alignment:

  •  Use of Space & Time: A Future Ready Librarian Designs Collaborative Spaces

BCPS Secondary LMS Evaluation alignment:

Domain 2 The Library Environment

  • 2a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

  • 2b. Establishing a Culture of Learning

  • 2c. Manages Library Procedures

  • 2e. Organizing Physical Space

 Domain 4 Professional Responsibility
  • 4a. Reflecting on Practice

  • 4f. Collection Development and Maintenance


Table of Contents



Is your Library a modern, vibrant, functional space designed to engage today's students and support 21st century learning?
Or a dull, old-fashioned, cluttered, empty, unwelcoming place where "no one wants to go"?

How will you create a more inviting, learner-centered Library which is the Learning Commons of the school?




1. Get inspired!  Explore the RESOURCES below, visit other school libraries, look on Pinterest, in vendor catalogs, etc.

 2. Assess your current space: Look with a critical eye and have others look.

  • What could be removed, replaced, re-located or re-purposed?

  • How could the space be more student-friendly and learner-centered?  Focus on STUDENTS' needs.

  • Is the collection well organized and maintained?

3. Develop an Action Plan and budget proposal to share with ODL library media team and your principal.

  • Prepare to justify any funding requests by explaining how the transformation will support student learning and school/district goals (SPP, STAT, etc.)

  • Prioritize based on needs assessment and available funding. Do a "phased" plan for needs which cannot be immediately addressed.

  • ODL Library Media staff will contact you to arrange for a Library site visit. Be prepared to talk us through your Action Plan and describe actions you have taken to date, including weeding efforts.

4. Start making some transformative changes NOW! Even small changes can make a huge difference.

5. Share the news about your library's transformation with your school community, LMS colleagues and BCPS.

  • Tweet photos and testimonials and publish in your Library e-Newsletter.

  • Share ideas, resources and photos with LMS colleagues via new Space Transformation small group in Edmodo

    •  TIP: Create a One Drive folder for your photos and share the view link on Edmodo. 



  • Involve students in re-designing the space. It's THEIR Library!  

  • Start with space planning. Consider the 4 C's:  Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking.

  • Go beyond the furniture to address color/paint, signage, lighting, anchor charts, rotating book displays, student artwork, etc.

  • Consider low-budget solutions and DIY projects. 

  • Appeal to your users: diversity, gender-neutral design, age appropriate ... not too juvenile, too mature, or too trendy.  

  • Include space for creativity & innovation like a Makerspace, Fab Lab, Collaboratory, etc. This could be "mobile" if space is tight.

  • WEED regularly. Unappealing, aged titles take up valuable real estate and negatively impact the whole environment.  




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