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Collection Development: CD2017 Peer Review

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Middle Schools LMS (Library) & High School LMS (Library Classroom) 


  1. Go to your assigned location and find the playing card in your folder.
  2. Find the LMS with the same number or face card and same color (black or red) as yours.
  3. Sit with your partner to complete the Peer Review Activity below.

Elementary LMS (Cafeteria)


  1. Find the playing card in your folder.
  2. Go to the corner of the Cafeteria where your card's suit is displayed: spade, heart, club, or diamond.
  3. Find the LMS with the same exact number or face card as yours.
  4. Sit with your partner in the Cafeteria or Auditorium to complete the Peer Review Activity below.


CD2017 Peer Review Activity


  1. On your PARTNER'S computer:  Log into your Titlewave account (or enter Titlewave through Destinyand open your CD2017 List in one tab AND your current TitleWise Analysis in a separate tab.
    1. If you have a Bound to Stay Bound list, log into your BTSB account and open this list in another tab.
    2. Once you have opened your lists and Collection Analysis, return the computer to your partner. 
  2. Use the criteria on the Peer Review Feedback sheet (paper copy in your folder) to review your partner's CD2017 list.
    1. Refer to your partner's TitleWise Analysis as needed. 
    2. Make notes in the Comments/Questions column for a feedback discussion.
  3. Discuss your feedback Comments/Questions with your partner.
  4. Trade Peer Review sheets with your partner, so that you can consider your colleague's feedback as you continue your collection development work.
  5. Complete the Reflect, Act & Wonder activity on the Peer Review Feedback sheet provided by your partner.