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Vendor Information-Contacts

Library Supplies

  • DEMCO:
    • Set up a user account on the DEMCO website. Use a Procurement card to complete purchases under the credit card amount allowable. Purchase Orders can be obtained with quotes generated through the site for larger dollar amounts.
    • Customer service: 800.356.1200.
  • BRODART - BCPS no longer has a discount contract with BRODART, however you may order library supplies not available from DEMCO. 


Library Furnishings/Shelving

These vendors will visit for a design consultation, help you develop a space plan, provide catalogs and samples, etc.

  • Douron:  
    • Sales Rep:  Philip Dennis,  pdennis@douron.com Phone: 410-363-2600 ext. 3125



  • American Design Associates: 410-823-5500  George Schreiner, george@americandesignonline.com     Denise Lewis, denise@americandesignonline.com  (and others Reps)
  • DEMCO: 
    • Library furnishings, carpets, etc. are available in their online catalog; limited discounts may apply under our BuyBoard Contract.

    • See also DEMCO Interiors design service.

  • Mark Russell mrus729@verizon.net  Phone:  410-803-1949  Cell: 410-599-1794  Contracted vendor for special/custom building projects in school libraries.  For example, he has designed whiteboard build-outs, bench seating with book cubbies, etc. 



  • Harbour Signs:  410-488-8810.  Ask for BCPS contract pricing.


Periodicals (Magazines)

  • LMS may order magazines for the school library with school-based funds from our contracted subscription service W.T. Cox, via the 
    • Periodicals are generally ordered at around the same time each year. Disregard any renewal notices you receive directly from magazine publishers. 
    • Magazines must meet our BCPS Selection criteria for library materials, including age-appropriateness.
    • Professional journals for school librarians are offered in the Periodicals Catalog. However, consider that many of these are accessible in our Professional Resources link in the Apps Portal. 


Library Materials (Books/eBooks)

Please see the Vendor Contacts and Guarantees page for information on book guarantees and replacements.



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