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  • Finally, you can manage your Google Docs, uploads, and email attachments (plus Dropbox and Slack files) in one convenient place. Claim a free account, and in less than 2 minutes, Dokkio (from the makers of PBworks) can automatically organize your content for you.


Collection Development Tools





Collection Development Tools




General Tools


1. Refer to the priorities on your Collection Development Plan as you work in TitleWave. 
2. Run a Destiny Weeding Log to identify weeded materials you want to replace with new copies or updated copyright.

  • NOTE: Not everything weeded necessarily needs to be replaced/updated!

3. Seek student and teacher recommendations all throughout the year and these to a consideration list in TitleWave.

4. Order materials to support curriculum across grade levels and content areas, including:

  • Elementary:  Review K-5 LM Curriculum Book List (shared to your TitleWave Inbox) to order needed titles in print and/or eBook formats. 

  • Secondary:  Consider eBook/digital Audiobook versions of MS or HS ELA Texts (if available) and print titles for the new Grade 8 GT Literature Circles unit (shared to your TitleWave Inbox).

TitleWave Tools


Log into www.titlewave.com or access TitleWave via Destiny > Catalog tab > TitleWave on left sidebar > Library Materials. 


1. Group Related Formats under Your Account > Account Profile to simplify displayed search results.  


2.  Using Lists:
    • Start a New List and Edit List Name & Notes

    • Add Shared Lists to your own Saved Lists

    • Add titles from other lists to your CD2019 list

    • Add Wanted items from search results and mark certain items 1st Choice (mark only a limited number of most wanted items).

    • Add a Note to any selection that an auditor reviewing your List might might question (such as titles you already own and are replacing; titles without reviews in TitleWave; Gr 5-8 titles for ES, YA titles for MS, AD titles for HS).

  • Analyze your List:

    • New for 2020-2021- Analyze your list by Diversity Topic and SEL Topic. Review the steps on the TitleWave Analyze List- By Diversity Topic and SEL Topic document.  

    • Click Tag Explorer on horizontal toolbar to see Curriculum Tags for titles on this List; check for diversity and CD Plan priorities. 

    • Click Analyze to see data/pie charts for Interest Level Distribution, Title Distribution by Dewey, and Reading Level Distribution.

      • NOTE: Your List may appear "unbalanced" or heavy in certain areas due to your CD Plan priorities; LMP Auditors will refer to your CD Plan and take priorities into account as we review your List.  

  • Check your List for potential issues:

    • Pull down the More Options menu to Show Duplicate Items and remove any inadvertent duplicates (same title/same format). 

    • Check under the Narrow by sidebar for:

      • Unwanted items: Decide whether to check the items as Wanted, Move them to another list, or Remove them from this list.

      • No longer available: Remove No longer available items from your list. 

      • TitleCheck Matching: View any titles on your List that may already be in your collection, or which are also on another List, to avoid ordering duplicates. Items on the list will also be flagged with these color blocks:

        • Red  -  Items you already own

        • Gold - Items you may already own

        • Gray - Items similar to ones you already own

        • Blue Items another Saved List   

3.  Search: 

  • Use Advanced Search (a.k.a. Collection Development search) to set more specific search parameters:

    • Use Advanced Search link under basic search bar, or access from Shop by Department > Collection Development.

    • Use tabs at top to search All Titles (default), BookseBooks & Digital, or Audiovisual (Digital Audiobooks & Playaways).

    • Set specific search parameters as desired.


4.  Refine search results:

  • Use the Narrow by filters on left sidebar to refine your search results:

    • Best of TitleWave (these are Follett-recommended; you must still check Reviews/evaluate against our selection criteria)

    • Items featuring ...  includes Curriculum Tags

    • Products (bindings & digital formats)

    • Interest Levels & Reading Levels

    • Classifications (Fiction, Nonfiction, Easy, Biography)

    • Languages 

  • Use the Tag Explorer button at top of search results to filter by Curriculum Tags.


5. Examine title details by selecting a title in search results to see:


  • Available formats (print and digital) 

  • Support Your Learning Objectives:  See/use Curriculum Tags relevant to your search.

  • Explore the complete set (if title is part of a Set/Series); remember to Select Individual Items (do not add as a single item).

  • Similar Items You May Also Enjoy and Browse more items like this ...  Especially useful if the title has no or negative reviews.

  • OverviewProduct Details

  • Free Teaching Resources (if offered). After your order fills, return to your List to download these for books you purchased. 

  • Reviews & Awards (if included/applicable)

  • Find Similar Items by Topic  

6. Use selection tools under the Your Account Menu.


7. Use Curriculum Tags to locate materials with specific subjects, genres, diversity themes, and more.


  • Click the Tag Explorer button at top of an open List to see distribution of genres/subjects/themes on that List.

  • Click the Tag Explorer button at top of Search Results page after a search. 

  • After searching, Narrow Search Results to Items Featuring ... Curriculum Tags

  • Click Tags links on Title Details screens to search for related subjects/themes/genres. 

  • Access the full menu of Curriculum Tags from the TitleWave front page:

    • Under Shop by Department menu on the left > click on either For the Library or Classroom & Curriculum 


8. Explore collection development resources on the TitleWave.com front page.


  • New & Recommended

  • 2020 ALA Youth Media Award Winners *Will update to 2021 in January.

  • More Award Winners & Expert Picks 

  • Students' Choice - Top 50 lists for ES/MS/HS based on school library circulation statistics.

  • School Library Journal - Shop this month's SLJ Reviews

  • Spotlights - Celebrate Native American Heritage Month, Show Patriotism by Protesting

  • TitleWave Video Series - Tutorial videos for how to use TitleWave.

  • Catalogs - Browse or shop First Choice Elementary,Middle, High, ELL catalogs.

  • NOTE: BCPS does not use Title EZ Subscriptions or Fundraising services. 


9. Explore the Shop by Department menu for a variety of selection tools; click on the Department name to see the full page.

  •  For the Library:
    • Top Sellers, New & Popular Series, New Books by Favorite Authors, Best Books, Special Interests 

    • Curriculum Tags - Includes genres and subjects/themes including diversity themes.

    • Curriculum Support - Titles to support standards in ELA/Math, STEM, etc.

    • PreK-12 Resources - Age appropriate expert-selected Graphic Novels, Popular Fiction, and more. 

    • Lists for Science, Social Studies, Diversity themes and topics.

    • Award Winners 

  • Classroom & Curriculum:
    • Curriculum TagsStandards & Literacy Needs, more classroom and curriculum connections.

  • eBooks & Digital:

    • Popular by Topic, eBooks with Multi-User Access, New, Top Selling, InteractiveFollett Digital Audiobooks

    • Lightbox - Enhanced eBooks with interactive features, quizzes, embedded videos, web links, Google Earth links, and more.

      • Follett provides an Evaluation Site for previewing Lightbox titles to evaluate the quality of linked videos, websites, etc. The evaluation site will be available until January 31, 2021. 

  •   State Resources:

    • State Awards (MD Black-Eyed Susan and Blue Crab Awards) *Nominees for 2021 will not be announced until the spring. 

      • Award nominees must still be evaluated according to selection criteria, especially age-appropriateness; check reviews. 

  • Collection Development: 

    • Access your current TitleWise Collection Analysis or use Collection Development Search (a.k.a. Advanced Search)

  • NOTE: BCPS does not subscribe to Follett Subscriptions or Fundraising services. 


TitleWave/TitleWise Support Materials



Bound to Stay Bound


Bound to Stay Bound Search for Reviews Tutorial Video 


New Search Features for CD2021



  • Under the Brochures tab, select Popular Series & Lists

    • Diversity List- The lists are divided into the topics listed below. Select the grade level that is appropriate for you school: Elementary, Middle School, or High School. 

      • Celebrating Exceptionalities

      • Celebrating Identities

      • Culturally Conscious

      • History and Hope

      • Social Activism 

    • Social Emotional Learning List 


List Filters

You can now select multiple filters at one time to apply to your list. See the list of filters below.
  • Media (Only BTSB Prebound)
  • Classification
  • Language 
  • Special Features
  • Price
  • Age
  • Publish Year
  • Lexile
  • Dewey
  • Reading Programs
  • Book Status 


BTSB Select

Bound to Stay Bound Select automatically populates your favorite authors and/or series books directly to your BTSB Book Lists page. Complete the form for Notification Only. 


1.      Start a CD2018 List:

a.      Pull down Saved Lists menu to Start a New List. Name the List CD2018.  

                                                              i.      You must submit a single TitleWave order from one list. 

                                                            ii.      If you make multiple Lists, consolidate them into a single CD2018 list:  Pull down More Options menu in each separate List to Copy/Move Items > to CD2018 List. 

b.      When you receive your allotment letter, add the PO # and DNE amount to the List Notes:

Open CD 2018 List and pull down More Options menu to Edit List Name & Notes.  
; add parameters to the search form as needed.