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Vendor Contacts and Guarantees

Library Materials Vendor Contact Information



  • Bound to Stay Bound:

    • Customer Service Rep: (for book replacement): Lora Steele lsteele@btsb.com      

    • Sales Rep: Theresa Clinton, tclinton@btsb.com  Phone: (800) 637-6586 



Vendor Guarantees


  • Follett guarantees
    • FolletBound Platinum Sewn and Glued bindings (Follett Bound Platinum will appears on back cover).

      • All FollettBound Platinum bindings have an unconditional binding guarantee. If the binding on a FollettBound book fails as a result of normal wear and tear, Follett School Solutions will replace the book. All books and bindings are also covered up to 1 year of manufacture/ publisher defects.

    • Damaged FollettBound Platinum books: (New procedures May 2022)

      • If you have damaged books with FollettBound bindings:

  • Bound to Stay Bound guarantees
    • BTSB bindings- 95% trade paper bindings 

    • Guaranteed for:

      • minimum of 100 checkouts, books pulling away from spine, pages falling out from binding; does NOT include yellowing pages 

    • If you have damaged books with Bound To Stay Bound, please contact Lora Steele, lsteele@btsb.com