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Baltimore Sun eNewspaper - Subscriptions


Access to The Baltimore Sun eNewspaper


Through the Newspapers in Education program, The Baltimore Sun e-Newspaper is accessible to students and teachers from the BCPS Digital Content page in the Apps Portal for students and teachers of Grades 6-12.  A support page for using the eNewspaper is linked to the orange question mark attached to the new icon.  

Access to The Baltimore Sun eNewspaper is provided for educational purposes including promoting student reading, engaging with current events, making curriculum connections, and developing news literacy.  Library media specialists at each secondary school will set up/renew school subscriptions each school year and provide teachers and students with their school’s unique Login for accessing this resource.  


School Accounts


Each secondary library media specialist will subscribe to The Baltimore Sun eNewspaper for their school. 


SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL:  At the beginning of each school year, the LMS (who subscribed last year) should receive a VERIFICATION email from NIE@baltsun.com. Follow the instructions in that email (or you can Verify here) to verify your school's use of the subscription last year AND re-order a subscription for the current school year. Use the same school Username & Password each school year.  Fill out the Microsoft Form with a PDF of the verification email you receive for our records. 

  • If you did not receive an email from NIE, see the Subscription Renewal section at the bottom of this page for instructions.
  • If you are a new LMS at the school, follow the directions below to order a new subscription for the school in your name. 


1. Order a school subscription here:   https://nieonline.com/baltimoresunmediagroup/order.cfm

  • Choose your Newspaper: Baltimore Sun

    Enter your name and email address in the fields for Teacher's Name & Email (MS/HS LMS and Alt Center staff development teachers)

  • Enter your School Name, County, Address, City (use name of town or Baltimore), Phone number (Library phone if you have one, if not use school phone). 
  • Enter the number of licenses you are requesting (largest number of computers used to view the eNewspaper at any one time).

  • Enter the total number of students in your school for "how many students you have."

  • Enter the word ALL for Class name (grade/subject).

  • Username & Password for teacher/student access:  Enter the Username & Password for your school exactly as it appears on this roster.  Library Media Programs has standardized these logins for consistency and record-keeping. *The roster is a secure document, please keep confidential and refer to it only for the purpose of obtaining for your school's username.


2. You will receive an order confirmation email from NIE@baltsun.com.  Please fill out the Microsoft Form with a PDF of the verification email you receive for our records.


3. Provide your students and staff with your school’s login for accessing The Baltimore Sun eNewspaper.

  • Customize this flyer by adding your school’s unique Username

  • Print, post, and provide a stack of flyers in the Library. Provide flyers for teachers to post in classrooms. 

  • You and your teachers may post a digital version of the flyer in Schoology. However, do not post the flyer or your school's username/password on any public website or on social media.


Subscription Renewal


Subscriptions are active until July, and will need to be renewed in September for the next school year. MS/HS LMSs and Alt Center teachers who set up accounts the previous year will be notified via email from NIE@baltsun.com in August with instructions for renewal. The previous year's subscription must be Verified before re-ordering. If you do not receive an email asking you to Verify and Re-order, you can use the Verify tab and/or the Order tab on the NIE site, as shown below.

NIE screenshot