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Deep Dive Into Digital Content K-5

Deep Dive Into Digital Content K-5 


As teachers, instructional partners, and information specialists, school librarians serve as the experts on digital content in their schools. Whether it has been a while since you immersed yourself in our BCPS-licensed digital content, or you are a new librarian just getting your feet wet, this is your opportunity to take a deep dive into the BCPS databases for Grades K-5 and discover new content, features, and learning supports. 


Essential Question: How can we provide instruction, professional learning, and support that empowers students and teachers to use digital content effectively? 


Goal: Library media specialists will explore the content and features of BCPS-licensed digital content in order to incorporate the resources into instruction and professional learning.


Meet your "Dive Crew"


Reflect & Engage: Four Corners "Surfing"

1. Why is it important for students to learn about and use databases?

2. Why is it important for teachers to be informed about digital content?

3. Which database(s) do students use most for curriculum learning or research?

4. Which database(s) are underutilized and why?

undersea diver icon

Future Ready Librarians logo

screenshot of Curates Digital Resources and Tools from FRL framework

screenshot of K-5 database index


Deep Dive Preview:


  • Interface

  • Content coverage & resource formats

  • Search/Browse features

  • Standards alignment 

  • Lexiles/Reading Levels

  • Learning supports: Text-to-Speech, Translation, etc.

  • Research supports: Citations, organizers, etc.

  • Direct Linking/Sharing

  • Educator Resources 



NOTE:  Only icons with orange question marks are databases administered by BCPS Library Media Programs.  


Dive #1: Exploring Databases for Curriculum Connections


1. Access the K-5 database index from the Digital Content tile in BCPS One.

2. Follow along as instructors model a brief overview of database content & features.

3. Explore each database & take notes to connect digital content to K-5 Library Media curriculum or content curriculum units. 

  • How can LMS/teachers us this digital content?  How can students use it?
4. A few volunteers will share their curriculum connections with whole group. 


Dive #2: Explore Support Resources for Students and Teachers


1. Take a database card and explore some of the resources on its Snapshot & Support page.

2. Brainstorm and discuss ideas for how you could use these support resources:

  • With STUDENTS as part of a lesson, curation, or research support.

  • With TEACHERS to support their professional learning.

3. Share ideas with whole group.


AEIUO Reflection 

  • From Discovery Education "SOS" (Spotlight on Strategies) 


Deep Dive Photo Booth

  • Use props and learning artifacts to take a photo!
  • Tweet your photo and message about today's learning with #bcpslms.