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MSDE Annual Report 2019




The time has come for BCPS library media specialists to complete the 2019 MSDE Public School Annual Library Media ReportNOTE: LMP staff will complete reports for schools where the LMS is on extended leave or a long-term sub is in place. 





Much of the data for this report is provided to you by BCPS Library Media Programs, or available from your March 2019 TitleWise collection analysis. There is very little math or data mining for you to do!  Please follow the steps and instructions below.


 STEP 1:  Complete the MSDE 2019 Working Copy which includes BCPS-specific directions highlighted and in italics

  • Download and Save a digital copy of the Working Copy document with File name:  School Name & Level_MSDE2019  
    (For example:  ArbutusES_MSDE2019). Please be sure to include ES/MS/HS, as we have some elementary/secondary schools with same names.

    • You may print out a paper copy to use as a worksheet; however, you will also need to complete the digital copy to send to LMP for our records. The Working Copy document includes form fields and check boxes for recording your responses.

  • Highlighted directions on the Working Copy will prompt you for data from this BCPS Data Sheet for some questions, including Section VI: Collection Age (500s-Sciences)

  • Complete the Working Copy document in its entirety BEFORE you begin the MSDE Report online survey. You will need to complete the online data entry in one sitting, and you will NOT be able to print out a copy of the completed survey.  


STEP 2: SUBMIT your data to MSDE via the online survey @ https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NBZQBP7 using the completed responses on your Working Copy. 


STEP 3: SEND your completed Working Copy via email attachment to Tisome Archer tarcher2@bcps.org.  DO NOT SEND A PAPER COPY TO OUR OFFICE.  Keep one copy for your own files and give one copy to your principal.   


DEADLINE for submitting MSDE Report via online survey and 

sending completed Working Copy via email attachment to Tisome Archer - tarcher2@bcps.org:


Monday, April 15 


Please mark your calendar to ensure you meet this deadline, and don’t wait until the last minute to complete this task!