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BCPL Teacher Resources


BCPL Teacher Resources

BCPS Teachers have access to specialized services through the BCPL SAIL Partnership. 


BCPL resources for teachers: 


  • See the BCPL Teacher webpage to learn more about available resources & services, including:

    • Assignment Alerts:  Notify a branch near your students about an upcoming assignment by submitting an Assignment Alert form. When received, librarians will gather age-appropriate resources from our collection for your students to use in the school library or classroom.

    • Teacher Collections:   With a valid Teacher Loan Card (see below), you can request a collection of up to 30 items to support your classwork for a 6 week loan period.

      • Inform your local BCPL branch of your topic, the type of material you need and the branch where you would like to pick it up.

      • They will gather the materials and have the collection waiting for you in two weeks.

      • Submit a Collection Request online or call in your request to the branch of your choice.

      • LMS should distribute this Teacher Collection flyer to their faculty members and post at school.

    • Class Visits:  Whether your class comes to BCPL or a BCPL librarian visits your class, there's no better way to introduce your students to what the library has to offer. To schedule a class visit, contact the school liaison at your local branch.

    • Teacher Loan Cards:  BCPL offers Teacher Loan Cards providing extended loan privileges for classroom materials.

      • Teachers complete the Registration Form (PDF or online form) and verify their employment status with their BCPS OneCard (badge). See How to Register under Teacher Loan Cards on the BCPL Teacher page. 

      • The Teacher Loan card may be used only for materials used to benefit students; not personal items.

      • The Card expires on August 31st each year and must be renewed.

  •  Other BCPL services of interest to school librarians, teachers, students and their parents or caregivers: