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Collection Development


Collection Development

Resources for collection development plans, planning for orders, audits, and collection maintenance. 


Collection Development Resource Pages 


 1.  Selection Policies & Guidelines - BCPS criteria for selection of library materials.

 2.  Diversity Resources - Selecting diverse resources to provide windows and mirrors for all readers.

 3.  Reviews, Book Lists & Awards - Ensuring selection of high-quality materials.

 4.  Collection Analysis- Used to develop your Collection Development Plan.

 5.  Collection Development Tools - How to use tools and features in TitleWave.

 6.  Consideration Lists & Ordering Procedures - Using Lists and submitting your order; includes information about Annual Audits.

 7.  Vendor Contacts & Guarantees - For library materials purchased from our vendors.

 8.  Books from Other Sources - Handling unprocessed materials, e.g. from Scholastic Book Fairs.

 9.  Collection Maintenance:  Weeding & Inventory - Keeping your collection "FRESH" and not "MUSTIE."

10. Citizen's Review of Instructional Materials - Procedure for handling challenged library materials.


For information on specific ordering periods, please visit the Elementary Library Media Schoology Group or Secondary Library Media Schoology Group.