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Secondary LMS PD Oct 2014

Agenda                                                                                           Welcome Slide 


Reflective Practice 



"It only takes one zombie librarian to make things really, really tough on the rest of us." 


From Brainz: Surviving the Zombie Librarian Apocalypse

MASL 2014 Keynote Address - Jennifer Lagard (a.k.a. Library Girl)


VIDEO presentation from ISTE 2014 

"What would MacGyver do?" (in the Library)


From MacGyver Librarianship: Doing More with Less

MASL 2014 Concurrent Session - Jennifer Lagard


Do you have "MacGyver Attitude?" You are not being asked to save the world from certain destruction using only a paper clip ... however you DO need to:

  • Find ways to engage teachers in collaborating with you.
  • Find opportunities to teach 21st century skills to support content learning.
  • Create modern, learner-centered physical and virtual library spaces.

"It's all about saying 'Yes' to whatever life throws at you."  


Chris Grabenstein, a former improvisational comedian and the author of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library gave a fun Author Keynote about his journey from being a grandson of Cumberland, Maryland to The New York Times Best Seller list and all the stops in between.  Improv taught him that “There are no mistakes, only opportunities ... In improv, there is only one rule: 'Yes…and.' To take what you are given and add to it."


Teacher & Instructional Partner Roles: Collaboration is Key


  Library Media Instruction  

Lesson Planning Resources - Wiki resource page includes links to:

  • AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner

  • AASL/CCSS Crosswalk

  • AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner in Action - Benchmarks for Grades 8, 10, 12 for each Indicator; use these to help you write objectives/learning targets.

  • BCPS Library Media Lesson Plan Template


ORMs and Slam Dunks

BCPS Grades 5-8 Research Guide

BCPS Grades 9-12 Research Guide 


We do not teach skills in isolation. We integrate 21st century skills instruction with content learning ... which requires that we collaborate with teachers in our roles as both Instructional Partner and Teacher. 

  • Article: School Library Media Specialist Teacher Collaboration: Characteristics, Challenges, Opportunities 
    "The most successful school library media specialists are those who collaborate with teachers as full partners in the instructional process. Without assertive action by the school library media specialist, however, school administrators and teachers are likely to be more aware of the media specialist’s administrative role than the roles of teacher, instructional partner, and information specialist. Reductions to library media staff and finding common planning time are examples of serious challenges, but these are not insurmountable.  In the context of well planned instructional projects, collaboration with teachers is a primary way that school library media professionals can demonstrate that their work is a vital part of the academic life of their schools, and a positive factor in improving student achievement." 

  • Outreach strategies: 
    • Inform teachers about all the different ways you can work with them and with students to support student learning in their classes:  co-planning, teaching or co-teaching, assessment/grading, resource curation, developing tutorials for digital tools, etc.
    • Get to know your teachers and what they're teaching.  Engage them in conversation at every opportunity. Be approachable and welcoming. Serve refreshments.
    • Approach teachers with knowledge of their curriculum and ideas for how you can add value. Reach out to special area teachers. Facilitate interdisciplinary connections.
    • Frame offers of support around teachers' goals for increasing student engagement and achievement of their content objectives, by integrating digital learning and instruction for 21st century skills and tools ... NOT "teaching information literacy."
    • Talk to Department Chairs. Ask to present at Department meetings. Show teachers targeted Digital Content for their units (not just a database demo).  Walk them through ORMs/Slam Dunks or offer to create research pathfinders and lessons. 
    • Get teachers' long range unit plans; ask Dept. Chairs or create a simple Google Form to get units/topics/novels for each quarter.
    • Identify research opportunities in content units, including aligned ORMs and Slam Dunks. Make contact in advance with offers to collaborate and teach research lessons.
    • Don't make it hard for teachers to reserve space/time; let them sign up on their own, and get details/arrange planning time later.
    • Say "yes" even when you're imposed upon. Last minute requests?  Yes.  Just roll with it. Talk about benefits of co-planning later.
    • Curate resources... Destiny Resource Lists, wiki Pathfinders, etc. ... without being asked. Notify teachers and students.
    • Publicize student learning and products resulting from collaboration ... as a collaboration effort, not just a "library" activity.
    • Use your virtual learning commons and social media to share what you and teacher partners are doing with students. Post your library calendar. Take photos and videos.  Showcase student work in a variety of places for a variety of audiences.
    • Invite department chairs, administrators, and other teachers to stop by and see students learning in the Library. 
  • Table Talk:  What outreach strategies have helped you to collaborate with teachers?   
  • Share strategies that have worked for you on this Google Form.  Then consider your colleagues' ideas.



  • NEW Digital Citizenship Slam Dunks - Middle/High
  • Collection Development reminders:   
    • Two reviews are required for book selections. If you don't see reviews in Titlewave, search elsewhere.
    • Use caution for YA titles (especially Fiction) in middle school collections. 
  • Communication: 

    • Avoid mass emails. Use your Edmodo PLC thoughtfully. Consider whether your question/comment should be addressed to the whole group in Edmodo, or to Fran, Chimere or Kelly via email.  

  • ODL Professional Development and Support: Use the ODL Resource Wiki for Professional Development opportunities like Digital Learning University, Digital Tools, Digital Content Snapshots, and more.

  • Register for Nov 3rd Professional Development Session:

    • High School:  12:30-2:30 PM @ Randallstown High School Library   Facilitators:  Joquetta Johnson, Lauren Magnuson & Eric Manko
    • Middle School:  1:00-3:00 PM @ Franklin Middle School Library   Facilitators:  Jeff Flynn and Aimee Farrell