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Using QR Codes in the Library Media Center

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A QR code (Quick Response Code) is a square or rectangular barcode that can be scanned using a mobile, desktop, or standalone QR reading device and will direct a user to a webpage, article, photo, video or other media in a matter of seconds (depending on connection speed). QR codes can be embedded on a website, printed out on business cards, post it notes or paper, as well as stored on a mobile device. The QR Code was created as a way to store more information than a barcode and to have that information accessed quickly. 



For more information, see the BBC Active article, "QR Codes in Education"




QR Code History

QR Codes were released in 1994 by Denso Wave, and adopted by the Japanese automotive industry as a way of creating a more efficient work environment. In 1997, the QR Code was adopted as an AIM (Automatic Identification Manufacturer) standard and then in 1999 it was approved as a standard 2D code and used by the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers' Association and was adopted as an international standard. The QR Code is open source and is now used globally for business, industries, education and many other sectors. 




History source: History of QR Code, Denso Wave Corporation


Why should I use QR Codes?


QR codes are a great way to disseminate information to individuals in a quick manner. You can print them on any type of label, paper or card, you can embed them onto webpages and wikipages, as well as email them. 


Articles on the Use of QR Codes in the Library Media Center and other Learning Environments:



How can I use QR Codes in the Library Media Center?


Ideas for Use



QR Code Generators 



QR Code Scanners