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Secondary LMS PD Dec 2014

Agenda                                                                                                                                                                                                    Welcome Slide



  • Update on Periodicals Catalog

  • Next quarterly PD Feb 3rd:  HS 8:30 -11:00  | MS  12:00 - 2:30.  Register and mark your Outlook Calendar now.

  • Virtual Learning Commons/School Library Twitter accounts

  • Edgemere Elementary School Library Un-Deweying Project- Follow Sandy Bixby's progress on Bixby's Bookshelves blog 

  • Update your Library Schedule regularly; link  to your live shared Google Calendar/Google Drive doc if using one. 


Focus on High Quality Instruction

  • Highlights of the 4 Domains - Reflective practice and small group work around Domain 3: Instruction.

    • Each group will unpack one Domain 3 sub-indicator:  3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e

    • Think abouts:

      • What does this look like in the school library program?

      • What strategies and tools do you use?

      • What evidence of this can you provide? 



  • Exit Ticket:  Reflect, Act, Wonder 



Collection Development 2015     


1.  What's Your Collection Development Plan?


     Why this matters- what I've learned by listening. - Fran 


2.  Weeding

  • Revised BCPS Weeding Guidelines
  • Why Weeding Matters (Doug Johnson blog post) 

  • Use your last Titlewise Analysis:

    • Check Titlewave for more recent copyright to help you decide whether to weed Age Sensitive titles. 

    • Examine Balanced Dewey Comparisons to see if you are heavy in certain categories. 

  • Delete Lost Copies in Destiny.

  • Use Destiny Weeding Log to identify weeded titles you wish to replace or update with a more recent copyright. 

  • Remove all VHS tapes (VC) , Audiocassette tapes (TP), and Transparency sets (TR) from the Library and delete from Destiny (or email Donna Gruzs dgruzs@bcps.org  to have them deleted). Currently in Destiny:
    8, 604 VHS/ 1,927 Audiocassette/ 141 Transparency

  • To check if you still have these in Destiny, do a Basic search by Call Number using the Prefix VC, TR, or TP. 


3. Uploading your Collection for funding Analysis


4.  Selection Policies & Guidelines

  • New BCPS Library Selection Guidelines 

  • BCPS Policy: Selection of Instructional Materials

  • Recommended ratio: 80% print - 20% ebooks. 

  • No YA titles for Elementary collections. 

  • No "Not Yet Published" or "Pre-order" books. 

  • No paperbacks or toy/movable books. Choose Follett Bound Sewn over Follett Bound Glued.

  • No "12 month access" eBooks. 

  • You may order Interactive eBooks which will display on Follett Shelf (with pointing finger instead of E icon) and also under the Digital Resource Links tab. These open in a new window and are read using the publisher's eReader.

  • You may order Follett Digital Audiobooks, which are now accessible via Follett Shelf and play in Brytewave eReader. 

5.  Selection Tools & Recommendations

  • Titlewave Tools: 

    • Use your Titlewise Collection Analysis as both a weeding and a selection guide: 

      • Replace Aged Titles/Age Sensitive titles as necessary ... if more recent copyrights are available.

      • Examine Balanced Dewey Comparisons to see if you are significantly over/under recommended percentages in specific categories.

    • Use Shop by Department and Titlewave Collection Development Search to set limiters.

    • Use Titlewave Curriculum Tags and other collection development tools on the Titlewave front page, such as:

      • Graphic Novels Catalog, New Books in Series, New & Recommended, Shop by SLJ Reviews, Award Winners & Expert Picks, Digital and First Choice Catalogs, etc. 

  • Recommended:

    • Books/eBooks to support core content curricula. 

    • Unlimited Simultaneous Access eBooks when available. 1:1 eBooks for popular fiction titles when USA not available. 


6.  Reviews, Best Books Lists, & Awards 

7.  Ordering procedures:

  • We will be contacting some LMS to share their Ordering List with us for an audit prior to placing your order.

  • Place all orders prior to the deadline on your funding letter.  

  • Use the P.O. # specified on the letter:  CD2015.

  • Use only the approved vendors listed on your funding letter.

    • NOTE: Do not order eBooks from vendors other than Follett at any time, regardless of funding source.

  • Carefully consider your DNE (Do Not Exceed) amount, especially when ordering from multiple vendors. 

  • Over-order by 10%

  • Indicate that you DO want cataloging and processing, using the next barcode number on file; vendors already have our BCPS cataloging/processing specifications.