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Summer Institute Breakout Sessions INDEX


Breakout Sessions INDEX                                                            Back to Agenda/Breakout Session Schedule

Accessing Library Media Curriculum in BCPSOne (REQUIRED for ALL Elementary LMS)

Facilitator(s): Chimere Neal, Resource Teacher - Office of Digital Learning

Description:  Units and lessons in our K-5 Library Media curriculum will be accessible via BCPSOne for the 2015-16 school year! Learn how to access (and have students access) curriculum materials available in the BCPSOne learning management system, and use BCPSOne as a teaching and learning platform.

Leadership in the Middle School Library (REQUIRED for ALL Lighthouse Middle School LMS)

Facilitator:  Fran Glick, Coordinator - Office of Digital Learning

Description:  The leadership role for library media specialists is now more crucial than ever in BCPS, as our schools embark on a transformation of  teaching and learning with S.T.A.T.  As the school library media specialist, how can you serve your school community-- students, teachers, administrators, and parents-- as an instructional partner and leader in your school?

Learner-centered Library Instruction 

Facilitators: Diane Fontinell, LMS - Halstead Academy & Joseph Chludzinski, LMS - Lansdowne ES 

Description: Best practices, strategies and tools for more learner-centered instruction in the school library, including:

  • Integrated circulation/student self check-out procedures
  • Small group instruction
  • Student choice 
  • High tech/Low tech options 
  • BCPSOne tools:  Tiles, Discussion
  • Examples for K-5 Library Media Curriculum lessons


Learner-centered Library Spaces 

Facilitators: Tressa Norris, LMS & Nicole Calhoun, S.T.A.T. Teacher - Joppa View ES

Description: Ideas and examples for designing as a more learner-centered environment in the physical Library space, including:

  • Furnishings and arrangement
  • Access to materials and supplies, including devices
  • Device care and maintenance 
  • Docking stations
  • Self check-out (setup)
  • Using Anchor charts, location aids, and displays
  • Library Makerspaces

Collaboration & Communication Tools 

Facilitators: Stacy Barry, LMS - Rogers Forge ES

Description: Tools and strategies to facilitate student collaboration and communication for learning in the school library:

  • Padlet, Kidblog, Edmodo, Skype
  • Examples and suggestions for using collaboration/communication tools with library media curriculum 
  • DLU Workshops for more in-depth learning about these tools 

Feedback and Assessment Tools

Facilitators: Christina Martinez, LMS - Chase ES & Barbara Cosgrove, LMS - Oliver Beach ES

Description:  Using a variety of feedback and assessment tools and strategies as part of learner-centered instruction in the school library, including: 

  • High tech/Low tech options
  • Kahoot!  and  Nearpod  (w/devices)  
  • Plickers (w/o devices)
  • BCPSOne Tiles and Quizzes
  • Student self-monitoring 

eBooks for Elementary/Middle School Libraries

Facilitators: Allison Cook, LMS - Mays Chapel ES &  Katie Cox, STAT Teacher - Mays Chapel ES

Description:  Using eBooks for learner-centered instruction in the school library and to promote student independent reading, including: 

  • Finding eBooks in Destiny
  • Using FollettShelf and the Brytewave Reader
  • Accessing other BCPS eBooks 
  • eBooks in the K-5 Library Media curriculum
  • Marketing eBooks to students and teachers; using QR codes


Un-Deweying a School Library

Facilitators:  Sandy Bixby, LMS - Edgemere ES & Kelly Ray, Resource Teacher - Office of Digital Learning

Description:  Learn about the "bookstore" model of collection organization and how one BCPS elementary library media specialist un-Deweyed her elementary school's library collection. We'll explain the rationale for "Genrefication" and share the process and materials we used, as well as circulation and anecdotal data illustrating the impact of this transition for students and the library media program.


Discovery Education for School Libraries

Facilitators: Michael Capps, Discovery Ed Coach & Ben Wagner, Resource Teacher - Office of Digital Learning

Description:  Using digital content and features in Discovery Education for learner-centered instruction in the school library, including the Board Builder feature.


Wixie for Elementary & Middle School Libraries 

Facilitator(s):  Ben Wagner, Resource Teacher - Office of Digital Learning

Description: Using the Wixie cloud-based web-authoring tool for a variety of digital learning purposes in the school library and with library media curriculum.