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Accessing Library Media Curriculum in BCPSOne

REQUIRED Session:  Accessing Library Media Curriculum in BCPSOne

Facilitator(s): Chimere Neal, ODL Resource Teacher;  Laura Wymer, LMS, Relay Elementary School

Outcome: LMS will be able to access, and have students access, curriculum materials for K-5 Library Media units/lessons available in BCPS One. 



  • Objectives and Outcomes
  • What is BCPS One?
    • Transforming Learning 
  • Accessing the Curriculum in BCPS One- (Overview and hands-on) 
    • Navigation
    • Lesson Tiles 
  • Next Steps 



Presentation:  Accessing K-5 LM Curr In BCPS One.pdf



Help us to shape future professional development by reflecting on your learning in this session.

Use the 3-2-1 Exit Ticket to share: 

  • 3 things I learned and plan to apply to my practice next year
  • 2 things I want to explore further
  • 1 question I have about this session topic