Top 10 Reasons to LOVE LibraryTrac

Why is it important for members of your school community and Team BCPS to know how the school library is being used?  
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Outcome: School library media specialists will be prepared to use LibraryTrac, and to introduce this tool to teachers and students.  Indicator: School library media specialists will use LibraryTrac to track and report library media center usage, and to analyze and share data illustrating the role of the library media program at their schools. 


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    *Note: LibraryTrac pages on this wiki have NOT been updated.Use the Back to School Maintenance & Reminders 2021-22 document above and the HELP section inside LibraryTrac (see #8 on document) for guidance.


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    Beginning in August 2015, all BCPS Secondary LMS will:

    1. Use standardized LibraryTrac settings & protocols as specified on these wiki pages. 

    • We must standardize some settings/protocols to enable district-level aggregate reporting and data analysis, which will be used to support BCPS goals for school library programs; there will be a few opportunities for customization.
    • Use the LibraryTrac Users small group in Secondary LMS Edmodo to comment, ask questions, share insights, etc.


    2. Use LibraryTrac exclusively to schedule events/classes and to display your Library Calendar/Schedule.

    • Consider training/empowering teachers to schedule their own reservations (especially if they did so previously).

      • Practice adding events to the Calendar yourself to develop proficiency prior to training teachers.. 

      • Have teachers come to you to add class reservations initially, so that you can walk them through the procedure.

      • Provide teachers a tutorial handout including screenshots and the private viewing URL/password (from Settings > Calendar). Consider creating a screencast to illustrate the procedure.

      • Share any materials you create (minus your private viewing URL/password) with colleagues via the LibraryTrac discussion thread in Schoology. Colleagues may be able to use or customize shared materials.

    • Post your Library Calendar publicly for viewing by all members of the school community.

      • Post a link to your Library Calendar/Schedule (public viewing URL) on your VLC/School Library wiki (REQUIRED). Share your VLC/School Library wiki URL widely with students, faculty, and parents.

      • Ask your School Webmaster add links to both your VLC/School Library wiki and Library Calendar/Schedule to your school's Website (REQUIRED).

      • ODL will be adding a link to each school's LibraryTrac Calendar on the school's Destiny Home tab

    3. Facilitate having students use the LibraryTrac Student Log to scan/sign in and out of the Library.
    • Import Student ID numbers, First Names, and Last Names into LibraryTrac to enable OneCard scanning. Students without OneCards will be able to log in manually by name instead of scanning their barcode. 

      • Update the LibraryTrac Student Import list by adding or uploading newly enrolled students on a regular basis.

      • It is not necessary to delete withdrawn students from the LibraryTrac Student Import list. 

    • Prepare a computer, monitor, and scanner for students to scan/sign in & out of the Library Trac Student Log (Circ Desk computer/scanner or second computer/scanner at the Library entrance). 

    • Use the Remote Sign-in QR code to facilitate student sign-in when there are large numbers of students visiting Library.

    • Train students to use the Student Log to scan/sign in & out of the Library; establish this as a routine expectation.

    • Create a POSTER to post near the login station with directions, including brief explanation of REASONS. 

    4. Generate LibraryTrac reports at least quarterly, and use these to share data with your school community and BCPS/ODL.
    • Reporting will not be required for first quarter 2015, as we work out some issues and refine our protocols. We will discuss LibraryTrac reporting at an upcoming Secondary LMS PD session. You may explore site-level Reporting options on your own if you wish. Once you have received information/PD on Reporting, we encourage you to: 

      • Consider publishing a quarterly digital newsletter/Infographic displaying graphical/statistical data from LibraryTrac as well as Destiny circulation data, anecdotal data, photos, videos, news, etc.

      • Include LibraryTrac data with other evidence/artifacts in your professional portfolio for LMS Evaluation.