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Wixie in the LMC

Session:  Wixie in the LMC

Audience: Elementary

Facilitator: Ben Wagner, ODL

Outcome:   Learn how easy it is to create/have students create projects in Wixie. Wixie offers 24/7 access from school or home. Teachers can assign, view, and assess their students’ activities. Users can paint, add art, record their voice, and edit text in their own multimedia creations. 



  • Please make a note of any questions or comments you have about this session. You will have an opportunity to share these on an Exit Ticket at the end of the day.  





  • Introductions 
  • Creating a Wixie Project
    • Paint Tools
    • Library
    • Editing Objects
    • Inserting Instructions
    • Project Information
    • Printing Options 
  • Teacher Dashboard
    • Project Manager 
      • Folder Overview
      • Creating a Folder
      • Organizing Files
      • Deleting & Retrieving Files 
      • Editing Templates 
    • Activities
      • Locating Activities
      • Customizing Activities




Projects Page     

Options Panel: 



Edit Objects: 


Share Menu: 

Wixie Hand Menu: 



Teacher Dashboard  

Project Manager: 





Classes in Wixie for LMS Grades 6 - 8:




Wixie Common Core Guides from Tech4Learning: