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Virtual Learning Commons - Elementary

Session: Virtual Learning Commons (Elementary)

Audience: Elementary

Chimere Neal 

Description: Overview of a VLC and ways in which it may be used to maximize learning during and outside the school day.





  • Overview

    • Objective: Participants will learn how to engage members of their school community, granting 24/7 access to teaching and learning resources, opportunities and environments by maintaining and creating a virtual learning commons.  

    • Essential Questions  

      • Why is it critical for your school’s library media center to have a current and visible virtual presence?

      • How can I create and maintain a virtual learning commons for my school’s library media center?

      • Does my school’s library media center have an active, current virtual presence? 

  • Think About It 
  • Background Information 
  • Exemplar Sites 
  • Exploration 
    • How does the example VLC engage and inform the school community- students, teachers, parents and community stakeholders?




Virtual Learning Commons Wiki Resource Page



  • Please make a note of any questions or comments you have about this session. You will have an opportunity to share these on an Exit Ticket at the end of the day.