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Telecollaborative Projects

Session:  Telecollaborative Projects

Audience: ES/MS/HS 


Facilitator: Barbara Cosgrove 

Outcome: LMS will learn about various types of telecollaborative projects and resources for implementing these.



  • Introductions

  • What is a Telecollaborative Project?

  • Types of Telecollaborative Projects

    • Interpersonal Exchanges

      • communication exchange with other students (could be topic, cultural, writing, etc.) (ex:  epals)

    • Information Exchanges

      • connect with others by gathering data to be shared (ex:  RoadKill Project, Journey North Project)

    • Work/Experiences Exchanges 

      • a place to publish student work to be shared with a wider audience (ex:  A Piece of Peace Project) 

  • Finding Telecollaborative Projects

    • see pinterest link below 

  • Considerations/Concerns

    • curricular connections; timeline; communication plan; evaluation of project; tech requirements; time 

  • Exploration 









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  • Please make a note of any questions or comments you have about this session. You will have an opportunity to share these on an Exit Ticket at the end of the day.