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Table of Contents: 

*UPDATED 09/20/2015.
Please check here for current updates and adjust your Settings and protocols as needed.


Settings >Student Log

Warning! Always click UPDATE at the bottom of a Settings screen, or your selections will not be saved!


1. Private viewing URL & Password:   Share this Student Log URL and password with teachers & staff who might be looking for students in real time, or checking their whereabouts on a previous date/time.  

  • For the Password, you could use school acronym and 4digitschool# as the password: e.g. rhs1234.  

  • Make the Password something  easy for teachers & staff to remember, but not likely guessed by students. You may use the same password as for the Calendar private viewing URL which teachers & staff use to make reservations.

  • You may post a link titled STUDENT LOG (for Staff Only) on your Library wiki. Provide the password via email/handout, informing staff that they can check on student whereabouts by viewing this Log. Stress with staff members that this password is secure to teachers & staff only.

2. Layout: Select Vertical or Horizontal (your choice)

  • If you are using a Custom Field for A Day/B Day:  In Vertical view, the Reason drop down will be cut off on the right when Student Log is toggled to NAME (not enough room for all fields to display across the top of the Vertical  screen).
    • If you use the Custom Field for A Day/B Day, select the Horizontal view, so that all log in fields display appropriately on the left sidebar.

3. Default View:  Select Combo (Manual Barcode/Manual Name)This setting will allow students to scan their BCPSOne card and select Teacher, Reason, etc. OR will allow students without BCPSOne cards to toggle to Name and type in their name.

4Barcode Options: Please consider carefully these two options and choose according to your needs.

  • Option 1: Sync Users-Required   Students MUST be on the Student Import list; if not, they CANNOT Log In. Nothing will appear on the Student Log when they scan their barcode or type their name. If you choose this option:

    • Provide a back-up paper Sign-In Log for newly enrolled students who are unable to log in by barcode or by name.

    • Later, use the paper log to look up the missing student's Student ID number and make a note of it:

      • Look up student by name in Student AD Password Utility to obtain their Student ID -or-

      • Look up student by Patron Name in Destiny; click on the linked Username beside the student's name to open their full Patron Record and get their District ID number. 

    • Add the student's Name and Student ID to your Student Import list, so that you can log them in retroactively, and they are able to log into LibraryTrac in the future: Settings > Student Log >Student Import > Add Student

    • You can then update the Student Log retroactively in Student Log > Archive to add names from the paper log. Toggle to the appropriate Date (upper right corner), and then click Add Student. 

  • Option 2:  Sync Users-Not Required  If a student's  name is NOT on the Student Import list:  If the student scans his/her barcode, the student WILL be logged in, but the name will be left blank; if the student types in his/her Name, the student WILL be logged in with whatever name they typed. If you choose this option:
    • Instruct students to toggle to the NAME option if no name displays when they scan their barcode.
    • Realize that students could potentially enter names other than their own, or phony/joke names. If you anticipate your students doing this, you should use Option 1 above instead. 
    • Consider that while blank student logins will count toward your visit numbers, these will not be useful to you or other staff attempting to identify the whereabouts of a particular student in real time or on a previous date. 


5. Barcode/ID Label: Defaults to Barcode/ID

6. Default List Style:  Show Logged In Only (you can toggle to ALL anytime you need to see students who logged In/Out earlier in the day). 

7. Default List View:  Select Show Students Logged In (no good reason to hide; many good reasons to show, e.g. fire drill, administrator/teacher looking for a missing student, etc.)

8. Labels:  Can be displayed in English or English/Spanish.

9. Quick Find:  Select Active *Quick Find allows a student who has ALREADY logged IN to quickly find their name so as to log OUT. This is helpful if the list of logged-in students is long.

10. Multiple Computer Option:  Select YESso as to view Student Log from other/multiple office, circ desk, etc. 

11. Name Auto complete Options:  Select YES or NO (your choice). Consider pros & cons.

12. Reason Options:  Enabled- YES  Required- YES, First as REASON title.

13. Teacher Options:  Enabled- YES  Required- YES  Type:  Dropdown 

  • You must have added teacher last names to Settings > Teachers for the Dropdown menu to populate. 

  • Consider the value of knowing which teacher has sent each student to Library, to ensure they are visiting with permission.

  • If students come before/after school or during lunch (no teacher sent them), you can add Before School, After School, and Lunch as "teacher names" to the Teacher list; move these to the top of the Teacher list for quick student selection. See Settings > Teachers for further instructions.

14. Custom Field Options: (OPTIONAL) You could consider using this if you want students to select A Day/B Day:

  • If so, then Enabled= YES, Field Title=Day, Value=A day and B day 

  • Resolving display issue if you use this option:  In Vertical view, the Reason drop down will be cut off on the right when Student Log is toggled to NAME (not enough room for all fields to display across the top of the Vertical  screen).

    • If you use a Custom Field for A Day/B Day, select the Horizontal view, so that all log in fields are fully displayed on the left sidebar.

15. Remote Sign-In for StudentsThis is a new feature which enables students to sign in to the Student Log using a QR Code Reader on their cell phones.  Use this feature especially if you have large groups of students visiting the Library before school, during lunch, or after school. This feature will alleviate long lines at the Student Log sign-in computer station.

  • There are two QR Codes available: The Generic QR Code will work anytime, and default to current date when scanned; Today's Date QR Code changes daily and will only work on that date. We suggest trying the Generic QR Code, so that you don't have to print a new one every day; if this presents a problem for any reason, please post on Edmodo.

  • Select a larger size of the Generic QR Code from the Select-a-Size menu and right-click Copy Image. Paste this full sized QR code onto a Word doc with instructions and a title like: Scan to Sign-in to Student Log.  

  • Print several of these QR Code signs  to display in strategic locations around the Library for students to sign in to your Student Log remotely. You could also project this sign on screens in your Library/Computer Lab.

    • Click here to see a Sample QR Code sign using size 400 x 400.  *You must replace the QR code with your own!

16.  Click UPDATE at bottom of screen! 


Settings >Student Import

1. NEW, EASIER INSTRUCTIONS! Exporting Data from Student AD Password Utility for LibraryTrac Student Import

  • This is a much easier way to export Student IDs and Names when importing ALL STUDENTS into LibraryTrac or adding NEWLY ENROLLED STUDENTS to your current LibraryTrac Student Import list.
    • All LMS should have access to the Student AD Password Utility (although only Tech Liaisons can reset student passwords).
  • OLD INSTRUCTIONS: Extracting Student Patron Data from Destiny for Import into LibraryTrac.
    • NOTE: These instructions were revised on 08/22/2015. If you are using this method, use the 08/22/2015 revision linked above and discard the instructions provided on hard copy at previous workshops or on PSD.

2. To add newly enrolled students after the initial Student Import, you can add them manually (one at a time) or import a batch of new students.  If a new student visits the library and is unable to log into LibraryTrac:

  • If new student has a BCPSOne card, scan the barcode into the Barcode/ID field and type in First Name and Last Name.
  • If no BCPSOne card, obtain student's Student  ID from Student AD Password Utility, DESTINY or STARS.
    • Look up student by name in Student AD Password Utility to get their Student ID -or- 
    • Look up student by Patron Name in Destiny and click on Username link beside student's name to open Patron Record and get their District ID.  *DO NOT use the Destiny Patron Barcode or Username!  - or- 
    • Look up student by name in STARS (if you have access) to get their Student ID.
  • Click Add Student in the upper right corner under Student Log > Student Import 
3. Check for newly enrolled students on a regular basis (e.g. weekly) and add them to LT Student Import list ASAP. 
    • Open the Student AD Password Utility and click on the calendar to select the date of your last LibraryTrac Student Import or update as the Enrolled On/After date. 

    • If there are only a few students, add these students manually to Settings > Student Import > Add Student - or -

    • If there are many newly enrolled students, follow directions in #1 above to export them from Student AD Password Utility and import them as a batch into LibraryTrac.

    • Another option: Run an Enrollment Report in STARS (or have a secretary run it for you) for a certain date range to get names/Student IDs of students enrolled since your last Student Import or update. 

3. To delete individual students who have withdrawn, click the beside the student's name.

  • To quickly find a student last name on the Student Import list for deletion, use Ctrl>F in your browser to Find the name.
  • It is not really necessary to delete withdrawn students from the LibraryTrac Student Import list; you may leave them.  

4. To delete all students from Student Import and re-import current students (e.g. quarterly, end of year), click Clear button at top right corner; then follow the instructions linked in #1 above to import all currently enrolled students. 


Student Log > Launch Log

1. Use the computer & barcode Scanner at your Circ Desk, or set up a separate computer/barcode scanner* at the Library entrance. *See LibraryTrac RESOURCES section for BCPS vendor/quote for purchasing a second scanner (under $140). 

  • Turn scanner & monitor so students can scan & view.
    If desktop computer, 
    position keyboard/mouse for student access.

3. If using a separate Student Login station: 

  • Log onto the computer with the elementary generic username/password to prevent student access to your private email/drives.

  • If generic username/password has been disabled at your school: BCPS DoT is working on an alternative (stay tuned).
    For now, you should monitor your Student Login station if logging onto the computer with your own credentials.

4. If using your Circ Desk computer as Student Login station: 

  • Open Destiny > Circulation in a separate tab or a minimized window, for quick access as needed to check out books.

5. To Launch the Student Log:  

  • Log into LibraryTrac with your admin credentials. Do not "remember password."

  • Click Student Log > Launch Log (will open in a new tab), then close the LibraryTrac Dashboard tab.

6. Consider posting brief INSTRUCTIONS and an explanation of REASONS at the Student Login station. See some ideas shared on the LibraryTrac Users group on Edmodo.

7. Display Student Log QR Code signs to enable students to sign in to the Student Log using their cell phones w/QR Code Reader. PSee Student Log > Settings #15 above.


Student Log > Archive


1. Useful for doing a mass Sign Out of students when time has run out for students to sign OUT individually (e.g. Before School, Lunch, After School). 
  • From a computer where you can login to LibaryTrac admin, click Archive under Student Log.

    • Will default to today's date. Can toggle to change to a previous date.

  • Use the Sign Out check box at the top left to sign OUT all students who are currently signed IN. 

  • Use Sign Out check boxes beside students' names to sign out individual students.  

2. Useful for updating your Student Log retroactively, for example:

  • To log IN students who were unable to scan their barcode or log in by name, and who signed in on a paper log instead (if using Sync Users-Required)

  • To correct a name, if a student logged in with a name other than their own (if using Sync Users-Not Required). 


Student Log > Reporting


STAY TUNED. We will explore this feature later, after LMS have gotten started using LibraryTrac. You are welcome to explore on your own, and share any insights or comments with Secondary Librarians PLC/LibraryTrac Users group on Edmodo.