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LibraryTrac - Calendar

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Table of Contents: 


Settings > Calendar


1. Private Viewing Access & Password:  Share URL/Password with Teachers to make reservations. Suggest use same password as for private viewing access to Student Log, e.g.  schoolacronym####

  • Email this URL/password for Library Reservations to your faculty at the beginning of the school year, with instructions to keep the password secured.  

    • For future reference, you could also post this info in secure locations such as the Shared Drive or a secure (non-public) Faculty Wiki. 

    • You can post the Private Viewing Access URL as "Library Reservations (Teachers Only)" on your VLC/Library wiki without the password.

2. Event notification to Librarian:  YES  

3. Send notification to another email:  OPTIONAL. Consider for Library Para/Assistant or LT sub.

4. Public Viewing Access: Use the URL and/or embed code to display your Library Calendar on your VLC/Library wiki, school Website, email signature, etc. Kelly will be adding this URL to your Destiny Home tab soon.

  • If you don't like the way the embedded LT Calendar displays in PbWorks,  create a hyperlink to Library Calendar/Schedule instead.

5. Calendar Options > Default View: Month  (All users can toggle to Week or Day when viewing.)  

    Compress Events: YES or NO (Your choice. Try it both ways to see how it looks).

6. Event Options > Title Required: YES
    Enable Schedule Labels:  YES

7. Enable Teacher Field: 

  • NO - If you/your teachers will be entering teacher's name (or LMS name/teacher name) in the Event Title
    • Do not enable the Teacher Field; doing so may result in the teacher's name appearing TWICE on the Calendar.
    • NOTE: If Teacher Field is NOT enabled, you will not be able to use Teacher Name as a data point for site-level Reporting. LMS will need to decide if you think it's important to be able to report library use data by Teacher. 
  • YES - If you/your teachers are NOT entering teacher's last name in the Event Title (only entering the Course/Grade):  
    • Enable the Teacher Field in order to permit selection of a teacher's name from a drop-down menu.
    • If you are using the this option, you/your teachers must still add the LMS's name to the beginning of the Event Title when the Reason is Instruction w/LMS or Collaborative Planning w/LMS.
  • Teacher Required (if enabled):  If you have enabled the Teacher Field, you can choose whether or not to require that teachers select their name from the drop-down menu.

8. Enable Reason Field: YES

9. Categories/Site Locations:


  • Locations used for Instruction w/LMS must be listed FIRST. For example, Library Labs and Library instructional areas first, then LMS in Classroom, Library Office, LMS Unavailable; other Computer Labs/Carts should be listed AFTER these areas. CLOSED should be listed last.

  • Use Restriction numbers to specify how many classes can be scheduled in each location. 

  • Enable Class Log tracking - YES for all Library instructional areas and Library Labs where classes will be scheduled.
    NO for computer carts/labs not used for instruction by LMS.


Suggested Categories/Locations: 

  • Private (only you see) - Use for private meetings, tentative class visits if space available following testing, etc.)

  • Library - Use a Library location for all instructional areas in the Library. 
    • If there is more than one instructional area in the library, consider listing as separate Library locations
      e.g. Library A, Library B,  Library Main, Library Front, Library Back, Library Computers, Library Tables.

    • OR, you can just use Library and set a Restriction for the number of classes the Library area can accommodate at one time. 

  • Library Lab - For any Computer Lab(s) located in the library and used for library instruction.   
    • If there is more than one Lab in the Library, list separately by Lab name or number, e.g.: Library Lab 1, Library Lab 2
  • LMS in Classroom - For when librarian is teaching/co-teaching in a classroom, or displaced from Library due to testing.
  • Library Office or Library Office Area - For collaborative planning meeting with teacher, LMS planning period/lunch, etc.
  • LMS Unavailable - for when you are out of the Library for Lunch Duty, out of the building for PD meetings, absent, etc. 
    • Other Computer Labs/Device Carts (outside Library but managed by the LMS)

      • You do not have to color-code these. Do NOT enable Class Log tracking for these.

    • No School for Students - Some LMS are using this as a color-coded Category/Location to discourage teachers from scheduling classes in any location on dates when school is closed part or all of the day for students only. Events for faculty could still be scheduled.

  • Closed - For days when school or entire Library is closed for both students and faculty; recommend color code Red.

10. Google Calendar: Optional procedure to sync a Google Calendar with LT Calendar.

11. Click UPDATE at bottom of screen!


Adding Events to the Calendar



  • The directions below are for the LMS scheduling events when logged into LibraryTrac as Admin. 

  • Teachers may schedule events using the Private Viewing URL/Password (see #1 in Settings> Calendar above

  • If teachers are accustomed to making their own reservations, provide a brief PD session, tutorial with screenshots, screencast, etc. Use the "teacher view" by accessing the Calendar Private Viewing URL to create these instructions.

  • Suggest that teachers come to you the first time they make a reservation to have you walk them through the procedure.


1. Click Calendar > Add Event -OR- Launch Calendar > double-click on a date (a better alternative so as to view current reservations).

  • To enable teachers/staff to Add Events themselves, provide the Private Viewing URL/Password from Settings > Calendar. From this URL, teachers input their BCPS email address and the Password to schedule events.

2. Title:  

*Note: Directions below assume that the Teacher Field in Settings>Calendar has NOT been enabled.  If the Teacher Field HAS been enabled, then the teacher's name should NOT be included in the Event Title, since it would instead be selected from the Teacher Field drop-down menu.  See #7 under Settings > Calendar above for an explanation of these options.

  • For Class reservations without LMS involvement: 
    • Enter Title: Teacher Name-Course&Grade.  Example: Jones-English11. 
      •  Enter lesson/research topic details in Description field and use Reason: Instruction 
  • For Class reservations with LMS teaching/co-teaching: 

    • Enter Title: LMS last name/Teacher last name-Course&Grade -OR- LMS/Teacher last name-Course&Grade 
      (if two names/long names crowd the Calendar).  Examples: 
      Johnson/Davis-English11   -or-  LMS/Davis-English 11

      •  Enter lesson/research topic details in Description field and use Reason: Instruction w/LMS.

  • For Collaborative Planning w/LMS: 

    • Enter Title:  LMS last name/Teacher last name-Planning. Example: Allen/Jones-Planning. 
      •  Enter lesson planning topic/details in Description field and use Reason: Collaborative Planning w/LMS 
  • For other Events (Meetings, Testing, etc.) 
    • Enter Title: Name of Event or Staff name/Name of Event.  Example:  Faculty Mtg or Jones/Faculty Mtg; Chess Club or Smith/Chess Club; PARCC Testing or Davis/PARCC Testing.
      • Enter any meeting/testing session details in Description field and use Reason: Meeting or Testing, etc. 

3. Category/Location:  Select location from drop-down menu. 

  • If more than one Library location is needed, separate events must be created; divide the total number of students in class among the separate events. 

4. Date: Select Start - End dates (usually the same date, since you can use the Repeat feature described in #6 below)

  • Be careful when entering a date range to ensure it does not include a weekend. 

5. Time: Check the schedule period(s) needed and input estimated number of students.  

  • Use Create Another Set for multiple periods.
  • Do not use All Day; schedule events for specific periods. 

6. Check the Repeat box to schedule same event/same periods for multiple days (daily, weekly, or on specific dates) 

  • Be careful when entering a date range to ensure it does not include a weekend.

  • If there is a conflict with a restricted Category/Location on any date in the Repeat series, the LMS or teacher adding the event will be alerted; see #15 below. 

7. Description:  (REQUIRED) Keep this brief but descriptive enough to indicate what is being taught/learned; use specific keywords like "research"   "literary criticism"  "biographies" "Slam Dunk" etc. 

8. Technology: Type in what is needed (laptops, headsets, computer mic's, etc.) and set the number needed.

9. Category/Location:  Select location for this event.

  • If more than one Library location is needed, separate events must be created; divide total number of students among the separate events.

10. Confirmation:Teachers should enter their email for confirmation, as the email address will then be included in the notification email to the Librarian (important in case teacher forgets to include their name on a scheduled event.)

11. Attached File(s):  LMS or Teacher can click Add File to attach multiple documents, e.g. lesson plan, graphic organizer, presentation.

12. Click SAVE at bottom of screen!


13. ALERTS to prevent double-booking:

  • Users will be notified upon attempting to SAVE if they try to schedule an event for a Date and Schedule period (or time) and Category/Location which is already booked and is Restricted. This alert hides the Save button at the bottom, not allowing a teacher to submit the event. An override button will allow the LMS to double-book if you wish. 

Override notification if LMS is scheduling the event: 

  • In the event a user selects a location and time and a Repeat sequence, the system finds all the times that there is a Restriction and notifies them of this issue with the dates. They will be allowed to submit their sequence, however as it states, those dates that are Restricted will be skipped over.




14. To EDIT an event or DELETE an event (one instance only or repeats):  Click event on the Calendar > View Details.

15. To COPY an existing event for another period/date: Click event on Calendar > Copy and change the details for new event.