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LibraryTrac - Settings > Schedule and Teachers

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*UPDATED 09/14/2015. Please check here for current updates and adjust your Settings as needed.


Settings >Schedule

1. Refer to your school's period/mod schedule to fill in fields. 

  • You could list periods separately for A/B days (e.g. 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B)
  • DO NOT use 1/2 periods! This displays too many periods in the drop-down menu!

  • Keep Schedule Labels as short as possible with no spaces so that these labels take up less space on your Calendar, e.g. 1A, 1B, PD1, PD2, Mod1, Mod2 instead of Period 1, Period 2, etc.

2. Include Before School (or Homeroom) and After School times.

3. You may include Lunch shifts separately if you see the need, even though these times overlap with periods/mods (e.g. A Lunch, B Lunch, Gr6Lunch, Gr7Lunch).

4. If you include All Day with school opening/closing times - Ignore for Global Reporting; all others do not Ignore.

  • Last year's LibraryTrac subscribers reported a glitch with the All Day schedule label for Global Reporting. We will look into this.

5. Click UPDATE at bottom of screen!


Settings >Teachers

1. Refer to your Faculty Roster to type in Teachers' Last Names ONLY.
  • For teachers with same last name, we suggest abbreviating the subject they teach in parentheses; for example: 
    Smith (SS) Smith (Sci) 
  • Include last names of Administrators, School Counselors, and any staff who might send a student to the Library.
    Do not include names of staff who would not ever send students to the Library.
  • Don't forget to include your own name on the Teacher list


2. Display teachers in alphabetical order by last name, since teachers appear on the Student Log in a drop-down menu.
  • You can add teachers' last names in any order, then:

    • Click on the "Teacher" column header to alphabetize the last names, then click Update. 

    • If you add another teacher after alphabetizing/Updating:  Click the Teacher column header to re-alphabetize, and click Update again.  

  • Add the following as Teacher Names if you have students visiting with no teacher having "sent them to the Library." 
    • Before School, Lunch, After School
    • Early Release
    • Online Course - Include only if you have students taking an online course using library computers. If you have students taking more than one Online Course, you may list it as a Teacher by course title (e.g. Alg II Online)
  • Use the Rank feature to move Before School, Lunch, After School, Early Release and any Online Courses to the top of the list after alphabetizing the list, for quick student access.
    • To re-order these names using the Rank arrowsHover over the Rank arrows for the row you want to move until you see the "crosshairs," then click-hold and drag the row to where you want it.
    • KNOWN ISSUE: We have been informed that using the Rank feature to drag rows for re-ordering may not work on your HP Revolve device, but will work on other computers; we're looking into this. 

3.  ClicUPDATE at bottom of screen!